Life on the Edge

Young people in Comberton had a problem. Having enjoyed regular sessions on the Connections Bus Project in the village, the group was facing closure. But Nick Slater had other ideas. Recently appointed as part time Youth Worker at Comberton Baptist Church, Nick set about opening a new weekly youth club in the church building. Within a matter of weeks Nick had the funding, team, equipment and support to start the group, and EDGE Community Youth Club was formed. It felt like the project had God’s blessing.

Nick’s vision wasn’t just to keep young people off the street, but to make a plan to integrate young people with no Christian background into the youth ministry of the church. In it’s first 12 months of existence, the club has received recognition in a recent Awards scheme from the local council and several of the group members have started to engage with other church-run activities.

Part of the team of youth workers known as WCCYM (West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries), Nick has been following the Limitless Community Programme, run by Youth for Christ. In it, the whole team set about building a vision and strategy to help young people grow as disciples. Nick has now created and presented a strategic approach to reaching young people which is being adopted by the church. It focuses around giving young people specific opportunities to move forward in faith.

The next stage of the journey will be exploring ways for young people to transition from community to church-based groups. He’s also aiming to create opportunities for young people to serve the community, regardless of their current worldview and experience the joy of giving to others.

Cambridge & District Youth for Christ are currently inviting churches to form a new LimitlessCommunity Programme. Over two years we help you to build a vision and strategy to extend the reach of your youth ministry. For more information, contact us.