“I started coming along to *Lesley and *Jason’s youth group about 5 years ago. They always made me feel welcome. The youth group runs once a month around tea time on a Sunday and is for 9 to 13 year olds. Even though, initially, I didn’t manage to attend every month, I always knew that Lesley and Jason would be there and that they would make me feel welcome. To be honest, neither Lesley or Jason are like your stereotypical youth workers – they are both in their sixties! But they are kind, caring and full of fun! I loved learning about Jesus from them – not just what they told me, but I saw how they tried to live like Jesus in the way they spoke to us all and the way they always had time for us.

I come from a Christian family but it was good to meet Lesley and Jason. They helped understand that I needed my own faith in Jesus – rather than just tagging onto my parents’ faith. Lesley was always encouraging me to go on a Christian Camp – a holiday where I would learn more about Jesus with other young people my age, as well as doing lots of fun activities. Last year I went on a ventures camp called “Woolhampton 2” near Reading. It was fantastic and I really grew in my faith! Lesley asked me to come back and tell the youth group about it afterwards, which I did. This year I am going to camp again and, even though I am now too old for Lesley’s youth group, I will come back and tell them all about camp again.

I miss Lesley and Jason but we are still in touch and I am now going to an older youth group. I’m very thankful for all they did to make me feel welcome at their group and for all they taught me about what it means to be a Christian.”  Janie*, aged 14.

*Names have been changed