What are Higher Sessions?

Higher Sessions are 6 youth group outlines especially written to be used following on from the Higher Tour.

Where do the Higher Sessions fit?

Young people will be invited to attend an evening gig where the bands they have seen in school will perform and share a clear gospel message with an invitation to respond. Everyone who responds will be given a Higher Response Pack which contains, amongst other things, a ‘Higher’ Bible and a flyer listing all the churches where Higher Sessions are being held.

What is the Higher App?

In addition to the flyer, we have developed a Higher App for smartphones, which enables young people to navigate to their nearest Higher Sessions and register their interest in attending. The App also contains some starter Bible readings, helping people to open the book they have been given and begin to navigate their way around the truth of God’s word.

How do we register our church on the app?

Simply download the Sign Up Form and send it to the address printed. Then we’ll email you a link to a special portal, where you can upload the details of the date, time and locations of your Higher Sessions. These details will then appear on the Higher App, which can be downloaded from the App Store and from Google Play. The closing date for signing up is the 22nd September. After this date it may still be possible to get your details on the App, but your church will not be listed on the flyer in the Response Pack

How do we run Higher Sessions?

Please download the material below. These include outlines for each of the 6 sessions and a leaders guide. Higher Sessions can be run as part of an existing church youth group, or at a special time and location to suit newcomers. Higher Sessions work best when run in taster form in a school lunchtime, in conjunction with evening or weekend sessions at a local church.

How else can we make the most of Higher?

Higher is about giving as many young people as possible the opportunity to respond to the gospel and begin their discipleship journey as part of the local church. We think there are three things you can do to make this as smooth a process as possible.

  1. Be part of the Higher Schools Tour.

We are looking for local church youth leaders (paid or volunteers) to be present in the classrooms and corridors with the Higher bands.  We want Higher to feel like a ministry of the local church to connect with local young people.

  1. Be part of the Higher Gigs

Pack your vehicles with as many young people as possible and get down to one or more of the gigs. Be ready to talk to your young people about how they respond. Volunteer as part of the response team. That way, Christian young people can help their non Christian friends in the response time and take them to meet you to discuss what happens next once they’ve decided to follow Jesus.

  1. Plan an easy invite event.

When someone makes a response to the gospel, it’s important to continue the conversation as soon as possible. Think of something you can invite young people to, in connection with your church and youth group, as soon as possible after the gig, ideally during that same weekend. Pizza nights, inflatable hires, games in the park – whatever makes it appealing to come along and meet people.

  1. Run a youth café.

Half term runs in most parts of Cambridgeshire from 22-28 October. During some afternoons or early evenings that week, or over a weekend at another time, consider offering a drop-in youth café to help get to know more young people. Youth café’s can give you a platform to share something of the gospel and invite people to explore more at the Higher Sessions. There is a complete introduction to a Youth Café format available for download below.

  1. Run 6 Higher Sessions

The Higher Sessions have been specially written to enable young people to further explore the gospel following on from the Higher Tour. The material is flexible and adaptable. Your first goal is to enable people to come along and be involved and want to come back. The second is to provide a context in which young people can process what they are learning safely and with support. Higher Sessions can be held in schools, churches, homes, cafes – anywhere that works for young people to gather.

What do I do next?

Download the material below and find out as much as you can about the Higher Tour. Then get together with one or two other key people and work out what will work best in your context. Invite some young people who are already following Jesus to share their thoughts about what might appeal to their friends. Make a plan from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about the Christian faith and plot a path for them right into the heart of church life. And pray.

What if I need help?

For help and advice about any aspect of the Higher tour, please contact the team on higher@cambridgeyfc.uk. We are all focused on working together to see God’s kingdom come as local churches reach more young people with hope of eternal life in Jesus.

NEW Higher Sessions (2018):



Higher Sessions (2017):

Higher Sessions – Relationship

Higher Sessions – Who is God?                     Higher Sessions – Bible

Higher Sessions – Chosen                              Higher Sessions – Adventure 

Higher Sessions – Church

Additional Resources (2017)

Session 1 – Who is God statements

Session 2 – 2 Corinthains poster

Session 2 – Circles reflection

Session 2 – Idenity Statments

Session 3 – Ephesians and Jeremiah poster

Session 3 – Relationship attributes

Session 4 – Proverbs 27 poster

Session 5 – paul’s prayer

Session 5 – the lords prayer

Session 6 – life in God


Higher Sessions guides:

Higher Leader’s Guide                                     Running Higher sessions in Schools

Guide to Higher youth cafes                           Guide to the Higher app


Sign up:

Higher Sessions sign up form