What is Higher Cambs?

Higher Cambs is the biggest mission to local young people in a generation. A tour of 33 secondary schools was followed by 3 concerts in St Neots, Ely and Cambridge. Follow up sessions are being held in over 50 locations across the county. An initiative of The Message Trust, the Higher Tour was delivered in Cambridgeshire by a partnership between Cambridge & District Youth for Christ, Scripture Union, Mission Direct, The Diocese of Ely and Newmarket and District Youth for Christ.

Who is the Debrief for?

Youth leaders, volunteers, anyone who was involved with Higher Cambs! Everyone is welcome to attend the debrief. As follow-up to the mission is still ongoing, this will not be a definitive assessment of Higher Cambs, but we’ll be gathering feedback, sharing stories and looking for shared learning about reaching young people with the good news.

When and where is the Volunteer Debrief?

7:45pm-9:30pm, Wednesday 28th November at Christ Church Trumpington, 14 Alpha Terrace, Cambridge

We want to hear your feedback!

We’ve created a short feedback form to gather comments from those involved in the Higher Cambs mission in any way. If you have any feedback, comments, encouragement or suggestions, please fill in the feedback form here…