30th January

Christ Church Trumpington, 14 Alpha Terrace, Cambridge, CB2 9HT

Who’s It For?
Anyone working with young people who wants to join us.

Who Runs It?
Collective Termly is co-ordinated by Cambridge & District Youth for Christ, with valued support from Cambridge Youthwork Collective.

How Often Does It Happen?
Once a term. We’re all busy, but we find that taking time out to connect with God and each other enhances rather than detracts from our ministry. And a half day on a regular basis gives us the best chance to grow.

What Happens At Collective Termly?
We give plenty of time for people to connect with one another, because relationships matter. We make time to connect with God together because He is why we do what we do. We get some high quality input because we need to keep ourselves fed. And we try to work out how we’re going to apply what we learn because what we do changes lives. Here’s what an example of what the morning could look like:

9.00am      Coffee & Bacon Butties

9.30am      Worship, teaching and prayer with relevance to youth ministry

10.30am    Break

10.45am    Focus: discussing an issue of mutual interest, and how we can work together.

11.45am    Update: Time to share news and events

12.15pm    Prayer and Close.

How Do I Find Out More?
Want to know more about Collective Termly? Contact us …