Want to reach young people in your community? Let us help. Working with you to understand your context, we can help to recruit, employ, train and develop a youth worker for your church. 

Why Is Catalyst Needed?

We believe God has given the ministry of making disciples to his church, that the whole church family are part of the mission to todays young people. That means youth ministry is prinicpally done by volunteers who share their lives with teenagers. But there is a role for employed youth workers. And we can help with that.

A Youth for Christ Catalyst Worker can help to get things moving in the mission of your church.  They help make new connections with young people, recruit and train volunteers and develop a long term plan to reach and disciple. If you feel it’s time to step out, to do more, and to change, Catalyst is for you.

What is a Catalyst Partnership?

YFC are looking to partner with churches with a heart for young people and God’s mission. We’ll work with you over a period of 3 years to develop your youth ministry with the goal of reaching out more effectively. We believe that Catalyst could help to see significant growth of Christian youthwork in Cambridge and District, and we’re inviting you to be a part of it. A Catalyst partnership involves:

Catalyst Youth Worker

Catalyst Churches are assigned a Youth for Christ Catalyst Youth Worker for the duration of the partnership, providing boots on the ground to initiate change.

A team of volunteers

At the heart of every project will be a group of volunteers whose role is to build lasting relationships with the young people. YFC will provide training and support for these volunteers, enabling them to understand and thrive in their role. The volunteers will commit to praying for, listening to and championing the cause of these young people.

The wider church, for the long term

In our experience, lasting impact in the lives of young people and their families comes as a consequence of long term engagement with a local church community. With this in mind, YFC ask volunteers and church leaders to commit to the project for at least a full year, with a plan to extend this to three years. We are convinced that this is not a project for a few, specialist individuals, but for the whole church. For this reason YFC work to secure the backing of the church leadership and of the wider church family for the project.

Ongoing support

Once the project is launched, YFC will continue to provide support and advice, meeting regularly with the coordinator.
Project coordinators will join a growing network of like-minded people from local churches, gaining support from others involved in similar work.

What Sort of Projects Are Possible?

Start with a Few

Already have some young people in your church? Want to help them reach their friends? Many of us set out to do this, but find our group gets stuck being cosy and exclusive, or lacking motivation. We can walk you through a process through which you can help your young people to make use of their own contacts and interests to lead others to Christ.

Reach a School

Would you love to make an impact in a secondary school? Most schools won’t invite you to preach in an assembly. But there are ways that you can work with the school to see Jesus transforming lives. YFC have many years of experience of lessons, lunchtime clubs, mentoring schemes and more to get you started.

Ignite your Youth Club

Already run a youth club, but not sure how to put Jesus on the agenda? Worried that young people will reject the group if it becomes ‘too Christian’? Our team would love to help you transition to a new approach which values the relationships and community you already have, but offers appropriate ways of helping young people explore faith. In a few years you really could see them winning others for Christ!

Launch a Community Project

What if you don’t have any relationships with young people, or even a building? YFC can provide support and advice to enable you to create something from nothing. Wherever young people are, in parks or street corners, we’ll get you talking to young people, and help you create a community group around a common interest. In the context of this ‘family unit’ we’ll guide you through the process of sharing both your life and faith with young people over a long period of time.A catalyst partnership will make use of the models above, adapting and developing them to work effectively within the local context.

How Much Does Catalyst Cost?

YFC is funded by churches and individuals enabling us to support the local church in reaching out to young people with the good news of Jesus. For Catalyst, we ask a church to contribute to half the cost of running a project.

Phase 1: Preparation.            Contribution: Nothing          Time Period: 3-12 months

Cambridge & District YFC would value the opportunity to discuss potential mission projects with you. This is about exploring the possibilities and determining whether Catalyst is the right fit for your church community.

Phase 2: Partnership.            Contribution: £100 a month        Time Period: 12-18 months

The contribution for a partner church is £1200 a year, £100 each month.
The full cost of running a Catalyst Project is £2400 a year.  YFC will directly fund half of the partnership costs through the regular giving of their supporters.

The cost covers:

  • The complete consultation process with the church
  • Bespoke training for volunteers
  • Full use of YFC’s online resources
  • Full management support for the project coordinator
  • Membership of LimitlessCommunity for the duration of the partnership

Phase 3: Network                  Contribution: £30 a month              Time Period: 24 months

Stages of a Catalyst Partnership

Phase 1: Preparation (3-12 months)

  • Initial discussion with church leader and youth leader representatives.
  • Meeting with nominated persons to create a project outline, and presenting that outline to the church.

Phase 2: Partnership (12-18 months)

  • Partnership agreement signed by church leader and YFC.
  • Developing a details project plan, recruiting and training a team of volunteers and getting support from the church in prayer and practice.
  • Starting your project with hands-on supervision from one of our team, and monthly reviews.
  • After the first 6-8 weeks YFC visit the group on a monthly basis, and review the work once a term. The team have access to our online resources, and join LimitlessCommunity.
  • At the end of the partnership phase, we conduct a review, and invite you to continue in network relationship.
Phase 3: Network (24 months)
  • Once your church has been through the partnership process, we invite you to complete the LimitlessCommunity programme, and add you to our network. We continue to provide support and advice by phone and email.

Taking It Further

If you are interested in exploring a Catalyst partnership and would like to talk it through with someone at YFC, we would love to hear from you. 

The Mission Development Manager
Cambridge & District YFC
Christ Church Trumpington
14 Alpha Terrace
t: 01223 778730